Introduction: Have trouble finding a Notary Public in your Area? Here’s what you need to do

The availability of notary services in your Area (or notaries public) may vary according to location, so it is imperative to carry out a little research before you pick one. It is also important to confirm the qualifications and availability of a notary public before you choose to retain their services. 

Here are 3 tried and tested ways you can find a notary public from your Area:

  1. Search Online

Many notaries public have official websites or profiles on online directories, which should be a good place to start researching. Using keywords like ‘notary public’ along with the name of your city or town would help find those nearest to your Area. As an example, you can search for a “Notary Public Mississauga” or “Notary Public Brampton”.

  1. 2. Contacting Provincial or Territorial Government

Most provinces or territories in Canada maintain a list of notaries public who are commissioned in their jurisdiction. This way, you can find one or request a list of public notaries in your aArea. 

  1. 3. Referrals

Ask your circle of friends or family if they recommend a Notary Public who is reliable and affordable and, they may be able to recommend a notary public from your Area.

Where are Notary Offices located in Canada?

Notaries public have their own office or practice in Canada, usually in a commercial or professional setting. Some notaries may work out of a law firm or other legal practice, while others have a standalone office. To find a notary’s office in Canada, you can look into phone books, contact your government or search online using relevant keywords such as ‘Notaries public from Mississauga’ or ‘Notaries public in my area.’ 

Notaries advertise their services on their websites, online directories, or social apps (such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn) so you can find their contact information and office location this way. 

How do I know which Notary Public to choose?

When you are trying to choose a notary public from your Area, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind. Here are 5 important things to consider:

  1. Qualifications

A notary public qualified to provide the services you need is essential. In Ontario, notaries public are licensed paralegals or  lawyers in good-standing with the Law Society and have been appointed by the Attorney General .or professionals with a strong legal background and have undergone additional training to become a notary public.

  1. Experience

Choose a notary public with experience. It’s easy to check how long a business or notary has been practicing and more importantly check out their online reviews.

  1. Location

It is usually convenient to pick a notary public who is located near you, as it saves you commute time every time you have to meet. Finding one near you saves you valuable time and money if you have to physically meet a notary public (rather than virtual meetings). 

  1. Fees

Notaries public charge a fee for their services, so consider one that fits your budget (comparing notaries public and their fee structures are imperative for this). 

  1. Availability

Choosing a notary public who is available when you need them is crucial, especially if you are working on a tight deadline.

The Bottom Line

Having a notary public attest to your documents’ authenticity helps prevent fraud by ensuring that the person signing the document is who they claim to be. Attestation is important for documents related to legal matters or financial transactions, as a notary public provides an additional layer of protection to help ensure the validity of your paper. 

In Ontario, the Notary Public has 3 main functions:

i. Certify a True Copy of an Original document

ii. Witness the signature of someone signing a document;,. or

iii: Commissioning an Affidavit or Declaration;

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