Selling your car privately in Canada entails a lot of paperwork and governmental processes that need to be taken care of for the entire transaction to go smoothly and as legitimately as possible. Since you are handing over the entire vehicle to the new owner, they will need certain things from the previous owner, i.e., you, to ensure that the car is up to date on things like taxes, registration fees, and any other relevant dues that might come up. Since this is a car, they will also need an official assurance that the vehicle hasn’t been used in anything illegal; hit and runs, ramraids, and other illegal activities where a car might be used. In this blog, we’ll be going through all the required paperwork to sell a car privately and what importance each document holds for both the buyer and the seller. 

Let’s tackle the question of ‘what paperwork do I need to sell my car privately’ and look at the requisite documents the buyer is supposed to ask you for when in the final stages of purchasing your car.

Paperwork Required to Sell a Car Privately

Here is all the paperwork required to sell a car privately, complete with relevance and why said paperwork is important for the transaction to be legitimate and official as per the government and the governing laws and regulations. 

Proof Of Vehicle Ownership/ Registration

The first and foremost document that is required for the transaction to go through as legitimate and acceptable in a court of law is the proof of vehicle ownership or the registration documents that prove that you are the owner of the vehicle. This is one of the most important documents that is required to sell a car privately; not just in Canada, but globally, since it proves that the car is not only yours, but you also acquired it in a legal manner. This also proves that the car wasn’t stolen, isn’t involved in any misdemeanors or felonies, and was acquired from either a dealership or another person with its due payment having been paid. 

Safety Inspection/ Roadworthiness Report

The vehicle, even a tiny hatchback, is a piece of property that gets out on the road and, without due maintenance, can become a grave danger for not just other motorists and yourself but also pedestrians on the road. Given that the vehicle can be dangerous on the road, while selling your car, you will also need to provide a clean bill of health or a safety inspection report that clears the car of any such issues that could cause the car to be deemed unroadworthy. If your car has not been certified as roadworthy by the relevant authorities, such a transaction will be seen as illegal and could put both the buyer and seller at risk of punitive action. This is why, when you are selling your car, it is imperative to provide the buyer with a clean bill of health for the car. 

Transfer of Ownership Form

A transfer of ownership form, as the name implies, is a form that is signed by both the buyer and the seller and lists down the details of the transaction for the purchase of the car. Details like the model, manufacturer, year of manufacturing, engine size, and other relevant details are included on the form, as well as pertinent information for both the buyer and the seller. This transfer of ownership is a form that can be used in a court of law should it become necessary, as it serves as proof that the transaction did happen and the handing or taking of the vehicle was also performed. This form, signed by both parties, needs to be part of the paperwork that you need to have as the transaction progresses. 

Car-fax Report/ Used Vehicle Information Package

Since you will be selling the car not as a new property but as a used one, you will need to provide official assurance that the car has not had any accident, has not been in any situation that compromises the structural integrity of the body, the chassis or the mechanical integrity of the engine. The roadworthiness report only looks at physical structures that could put other motorists at risk; this report provides detailed insights on the car itself and serves as a document that assures the buyer that the car is indeed in good condition and the price being paid for it is fair and reasonable. 

As-is Declaration

An as-is declaration, as the name implies, is a declaration that states that the vehicle is being exchanged for cash on an as-is basis, which means that no additions or other deal-altering conditions are in place and, most importantly, that the payment for the vehicle has been made in full, and no dues have been left. The as-is declaration is important and, again, serves as a legal document whose veracity cannot be challenged in a court of law. 

Bill of Sale

The bill of sale also needs to be part of the documentation that is provided to the buyer of the car. The bill of sale verifies and legitimizes the purchase of the vehicle and is, again, used as legal proof that the car was purchased from a certain individual and that the payment has been made in full. All of these documents serve as proof that verifies the authenticity of the entire transaction and the process itself.

The Bottom Line

In understanding what paperwork you need to sell your car privately, you can understand and appreciate the role that notaries play in such processes. By notarising all of these documents, you can further add a seal of official legitimacy and honesty, and all of these documents will not only become official in all government or public/ private proceedings but will also keep you safe from any future legal proceedings involving the car, especially if it gets into an unfortunate situation like a homicide or a hit and run. Therefore, you should always look into notarising your essential documents while gathering the paperwork required to sell a car. 

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