If you are a student or know somebody in those circles, you might have frequently heard about an OSAP affidavit. What is an OSAP affidavit? Today, we’ll be taking a look at that and understand the particulars that you need to have to qualify for OSAP, and the process that goes into creating one. As students clamour more and more for universities and higher education in Canada, especially Ontario, this particular topic is of interest for people in the Great White North. Let’s get started with a comprehensive introduction of what an OSAP affidavit is

We’ll also answer some related questions on OSAP affidavits as well, including some frequently asked questions that can bother students, hopefully clearing up a lot of the mumbo jumbo surrounding these affidavits. Let’s begin. 

What is an OSAP affidavit?

OSAP stands for Ontario Student Assistance Program, and an OSAP affidavit is a legally binding document that is required from the student applying for financial assistance for their studies. It is part of an entire suite of documents required from students who wish to study in an Ontario educational institute with financial backing from the government. Since it is legally-binding, it is considered central to the application for scholarships and other assistance programs.

What is the process for creating an OSAP affidavit?

The process to get an OSAP affidavit is very simple and quick. Since many services provide OSAP affidavits online, you don’t even need to be at a certain location to have your OSAP affidavit processed. Let’s go through the steps that need to be taken to create an OSAP affidavit. 

Filling out the OSAP form

The Ontario Student Assistance Program requires every application to fill out its form, which is online, where several particulars need to be mentioned. Starting with some basic information on the form, you need to also fill out which educational institute you will be attending, what does it cost to go there, and whether or not you have any dependents with you that would require additional support. Furthermore, the form will also inquire about your current income or the income of your parents, guardians or any spouse you may have. Since this document will need to be notarized by a notary public, it is the job of the applicant to ensure that the information on it is true and falsified in any way. 

Get your form generated

Since most OSAP affidavits are now made online, simply click on the ‘Generate Form’ button, and this will create your form, complete with your information on it. A tip to keep in mind is that once the OSAP affidavit is generated, go through it again. Try and proofread the document to ensure that no information is missing, and the important information is all there. Check out the spellings for names and other prudent details as well. Once you’re sure that everything is in order, we may then proceed to the next step. 

Notarize your affidavit

The final part of the process of getting an OSAP affidavit is to have it notarized from a notary public. This is the most important part, and without a notarized OSAP affidavit, your application will not be considered and proceeded to the financial assistance centers. By notarizing the affidavit, you will have essentially confirmed, by oath and by the authentication of a third party empowered by the government, that the information on the OSAP form is not only authentic and truthful but is also devoid of any misstatements. Getting your affidavit notarized is important, and once you have done that, we will move on to the next step. 

Submission of affidavit

The final step involves the submission of the affidavit to the relevant authority, which is usually the student financial aid office. Complete your documents, add in the notarized and attested OSAP affidavit and submit it to your educational institute’s financial aid center. If all goes well, you will have it processed and applied onto your tuition fee for the current session, year or semester, whichever applies to you. 

And there you have it: the process for creating an OSAP affidavit. Simple and easy, right? The main part is the form and the notarization, and since the entire process is now online, you can do it from the comfort of your home. 

Now, onto some of the important questions related to an affidavit for OSAP. 

Who is eligible for OSAP?

OSAP can be availed by Canadian citizens, permanent residents or individuals in Canada with a ‘protected person’ status.

What is asked in an OSAP affidavit?

Generally, an OSAP affidavit is required if information needs to be verified by officials in the financial aid centers. For the OSAP affidavit, several things need to be confirmed regarding the applicant, most of which will then be subsequently verified by the notary public as well during the time of notarization. The form will inquire things including,

  1. Whether the applicant is married or in a common-law relationship
  2. Whether the applicant is a sole parent
  3. Whether the applicant is divorced, separated or widowed
  4. Any applicable indigenous identity
  5. Applicant’s income
  6. Applicant’s spouses’ income
  7. Their parent’s income

Can an OSAP affidavit get notarized remotely?

Yes. An OSAP affidavit can be notarized remotely, since many notary services provide remote options for documents. This includes the OSAP affidavit, and this can further increase the convenience with which this whole process can be completed.

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