Identity thefts have become increasingly common, especially in the digital age. Millions of people each year fall victim to these accidents, losing years of their finances and getting caught in uninvited pitfalls. Identity thefts devastate people, making them rush to reclaim their identities and stop fraudulent transactions. But amidst this battle, an affidavit of identity theft can help secure your identity and the related challenges. 

Read below to learn everything about affidavits of identity theft, its importance, legal actions to take, and more. 

Everything You Need to Know About Affidavit of Identity Theft:

When people discover that a fraudulent account or transaction was established using their personal information, such as their name or social insurance number, they can submit an affidavit of identity theft to notify the companies involved about the scam activity. This document includes a formal declaration outlining the circumstances involved in this identity theft and your personal information. 

To get an identity theft affidavit, you must provide details, including your name, social insurance number, address, and proof of your identity, such as an ID card or driver’s license. Please also provide the following details regarding your identity theft;

  • Whether the fraudulent activity has included any new accounts to your credit report. 
  • All information about the accounts affected or new accounts opened because of the identity theft.
  • Whether your personal information has been altered on the credit report by identity theft.
  • Finally, whether you have gained any advantage from the identity theft or allowed the perpetrator to use your identity falsely. 

Importance of Affidavit of Identity Theft:

Alerts the Creditors:

Dealing with creditors is a lot easier when you have an affidavit of identity theft with you. The affidavit serves as proof and alerts the creditors that you are not liable for the charges and the transactions that have occurred as fraudulent activity. This can help you from paying any debts that the creditors have held against you regarding the scam activities. 

Disputes Fraudulent Transactions:

Identity thefts can make the worst things happen, including someone stealing your identity and using it to make fraudulent charges to the credentials, emptying your bank accounts, and ruining your credit ratings. An affidavit of identity theft often helps you with this issue. You can formally dispute the false accounts and get them removed from your credit report while also challenging any fraudulent transactions that have taken place during the timeline.

Gives You a Peace of Mind:

The best part about getting an affidavit for identity theft is alleviating stress. As a victim of identity theft, you may find some relief from the worry and anxiety that comes with the fraudulent activities, knowing that you have formally addressed the matter and that things may get into control.

Legal Actions to Take After Identity Theft:

Some of the legal actions for identity theft include:

Filing a Police Report:

    When you learn about identity theft, rush to your nearest local police station and file a police report. Provide them with the affidavit of identity theft and evidence regarding fraudulent activities. 

    Contact the Anti-Fraud Center:

      In Canada, you need to contact the Anti-Fraud Center and ask for a report on identity theft. This report may prove very helpful, especially when you are dealing with creditors and disputing any false transactions. 

      Notarize the Affidavit:

        Finally, you can visit a notary public and get your affidavit of identity theft notarized. This legally binds your document and adds a layer of authenticity that what you claim to be is true. 

        How Does Notary Play a Role?

        When you take your affidavit of identity theft to a notary public near you, they add legal weight to your document. 

        At a notary public, like The Notary Guy, first, your identity is verified to ensure the correct person is making the claim. Moving forward, you sign the document, and the notary witnesses that. Finally, the notary provides a seal and signature as a mark of legitimacy. 

        Secure Your Finances- Get an Affidavit of Identity Theft at The Notary Guy

        Affidavits of identity theft are more than just paperwork; these documents help people safeguard themselves from uncertain fraudulent activities in their name. Awareness of this affidavit, its importance, and how to utilize it is crucial for making informed decisions.  

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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        1. What is identity theft?

        Identity theft takes place when someone else uses your personal information, such as your name, to create new accounts in your name, use the old ones, make fraudulent transactions, or utilize other services.

        1. What are the two main parts of the affidavit of identity theft?

        The affidavit of identity theft includes two main parts: one where you file a report about the identity theft and another where you explain the fraudulent activities that have taken place in your name. 

        1. What can I do my identity theft?

        If you have been a victim of identity theft, make sure you change the passwords, PINs, and login details of all the fraudulent activity that has taken place. You can also change the credentials of your email accounts and finally file a report at your nearest police station.