Vehicle Transfer Documents

What is a Vehicle Transfer Document?

You put yourself at risk if you transfer any asset without a contract or in accordance with the regulations. 

Signing or making a formal statement before a notary public protects you whether you’re purchasing or selling a car, motorbike, or another vehicle.

Failing to follow proper procedures and obtain the necessary documentation during vehicle transfers could put you at risk of financial losses and legal complications. 

Therefore, it’s essential to seek legal advice and take appropriate precautions to protect yourself when buying, selling, or transferring assets.

Let’s pretend you’ve spent $6,000 on the car of your dreams and are now driving away in it with a smile. But as soon as you get behind the wheel, the police will flag you down and claim you’re driving a stolen vehicle. 

How does a notarized contract help?

You are stranded since the person you purchased the automobile from ignores your calls. A notarized sales contract provides that level of assurance. 

Notary for Vehicle Title Transfer:

A notary will retain a record of the transaction and will ask both parties for identification. This is done to prevent a third party from “second-guessing”.


It is a legal document that transfers ownership of a vehicle from one person to another, and can include documents such as a bill of sale, title, and registration.

To transfer the ownership of a vehicle, you need the vehicle’s title (including the names of the current and new owners), a bill of sale (ensuring you have purchased the vehicle), the purchase price and other details relevant to the transaction.

The process varies depending on province or city, but it generally involves submitting required documents to the Ministry of Transportation or Service Ontario or any other relevant agency that deals with vehicle transfer. You may also be required to pay a transfer fee or applicable taxes.

The time taken to transfer ownership of a vehicle varies and the type of vehicle. In most occasions, Service Ontario will do this on same date once all required documents are submitted.

The process of transferring ownership may be delayed or denied if the vehicle transfer documents are not completed correctly. For this reason, it is important to review all documents before submission.

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