Every now and then, some legal matters might require your attention, calling for some documents to be attested or notarized. This notarized document will then become your primary document for all legal matters or related to governmental works. But this bureaucratic process of notarizing; is it any useful? What is the importance of notarizing documents and why does attestation matter? Today, we’ll be looking at the importance of notarized documents and why this process of notarizing documents is so important for everything: from business to immigration. 

What is the notarization process?

Notarization is the process, essentially, of verification of documents by a notary public, an individual on which the state has placed certain powers of identifying and verifying documents. The simple reason why notarized documents exist is because there is a lot of fraud and a lot of fake papers going around. In order to weed out the legitimate ones from any ill-intentioned papers out there, a notary public will verify and collate the information on the document, and will then give their seal of approval, usually in the form of a stamp. This stamp would then automatically make any paper an approved one, ready to be used in legal or governmental proceedings across the country. 

Attestation of documents

Whereas notarizing documents is a process that is placed within the hands of a few notary publics, an attestation process is there to verify the documents, albeit not from a notary public, but rather from a government official who happens to be an acquaintance of the document holder. The attestation process serves as a gatekeeping mechanism; attestation of the documents by a government official serves as the first basis of verifying documents. 

Difference between notarization and attestation

The difference between notarization and attestation is of the personnel involved in the processes. For notarized documents, a notary public is the person of interest since they have the authority to verify documents that can then be used for governmental and legal purposes. Attestation, on the other hand, is a more lax procedure, which involves a preliminary verification of any document by government officials, usually officers in the higher grades. The result is always the same: the documents are now verified, legitimate and ready to be used in a court of law. 

Why notarized documents are important?

 Notarizing documents are important because aside from legitimizing the document itself, it also provides verification that the process is indeed sanctioned by the authorities in the government. Lets look at some other reasons that make notarized documents so important. 

Give legal authenticity

The major reason as to why a notarized document is so important for the system is because it gives legal authenticity to the document itself, and to the party in any case where it may be required. With a sign and stamp by a notary public, you have an impartial verification of the document from a third party which doesn’t necessarily associate with you. This provides complete, legal and absolutely impartial evidence that the document is legitimate and ready for use in legal and governmental proceedings.

Minimizes risk of fraud

With a notarized and attested document, you greatly reduce the risk of there being any sort of fraud or ill-intention at play. A lot of the time, especially during immigration, or business deals, some documents might be fake, signatures might have been forged and some details might be sketchy. A notarized document prevents all that from getting to the legitimate process; in fact, a notary always confirms the specific details before getting towards notarizing a document, which is obviously helpful in not only the process, but also keeps the fraudulent elements away. 

Establishes trust between two parties

In the case of notarized documents, they are the sign that not only is the documentation complete, verified and legitimate, but of the fact that there is trust in the equation. In any transaction or dealing, trust is the number one thing that can help you establish a relation going forward. A notarized document will do just that; establish mutual trust between parties involved in a specific case. 

Gives authenticity to claims (if any)

Lastly, another benefit of having your documents notarized is since it will give authenticity to the documentation, in the case of any discrepancy in the process, or if there is some falling out between parties, you claim will stay authentic, and the fact that it has been notarized will make sure that your claim is catered to by any court of law of government office. 


To conclude, a notarized document is your gateway to all things legitimate and helps keep your side of things as clear as possible. Notarizing documents in advance will always help; it will ensure any legal process that you go through will be catalyzed and your documentation will never be challenged as fake, bogus or unverified. Getting a notary public to notarize a document ensures verification, ensures that the verification has been done by an impartial authority, a representative of the government and saves you from the trouble of dealing with crooks, since they cant have their documents notarized and bought in the right way, the legal way. 

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