You might have heard of the official requirement for an invitation letter to invite friends or family to Canada to have them stay with you. Although sounding a bit informal and unusual for government procedure, this letter is necessary for any person looking to visit the country, more specifically, their acquaintance who is a citizen of the country. We will discuss this letter in detail, the importance of a notarized invitation letter, and how it can expedite the visit visa process for Canada. 

What is an invitation letter?

The invitation letter is part of a government process that requires a formal letter to be submitted to the concerned authorities. It should explicitly state the inviter’s intention to host a guest visitor from another country, complete with details of the visit and the visitor themselves. 

The details that are required within the formal invitation letter are as follows.

Details required for a formal invitation letter 

The letter needs to be very comprehensive in detailing every aspect of the visit. This includes details, which are discussed in detail below. 


The immigration department requires extensive details of the invitee, since government procedures require the details to be verified from both the visitor’s country and of the person upon arrival. This includes the visitor’s complete legal name (as shown on the passport), date of birth, and residential address in the country of origin. 


The letter will also include complete details of the inviter. This includes their name and their address.

Purpose of visit

The letter needs to state unequivocally the purpose of the visit, whether it’s for tourism, meeting purposes, or any other reason. 

Duration of visit

The invitation letter will also contain the duration of the visit, which should not be tentative but should be definitive in the arrival and departure dates. 

Financial details

The letter will also need to provide a statement on the financial aspect of the visit. This includes the declaration that the finances of the visit will either be borne by the visitor or by the inviter. 

Why is a letter of invitation required?

The invitation letter is a formal document and, as such, is a requirement for issuing a visitor visa for the person looking to join you in Canada. Therefore, The invitation letter gives more weight to the reason for visitation and lets the concerned authorities know that the visitor will have an acquaintance with them throughout their visit to Canada. This ensures that not only will the visitor have a place to stay, but they can be taken care of in case of any issue or emergency. 

Notarised invitation letter: what is it?

Notarisation is a process wherein a notary public verifies the information provided and stamps it with their seal of approval, making the document legitimate and verified by a relevant authority. This helps confirm the document’s veracity, which is why notarization is imperative in government documentation and public dealing. 

In the case of an invitation letter, a notary public can draft a letter with all the details, verify it, and issue a seal of verification for it, which will verify its authenticity for the concerned immigration departments. 

Do you need to notarise an invitation letter?

An invitation letter isn’t required by the concerned department to be notarized; however, notarising it has benefits and can expedite an otherwise cumbersome and bureaucratic process that can take much of your precious time. Notary publics with exceptional service like The Notary Guy can and will notarize your invitation letter to give it a seal of verification and authenticity. Besides, you will also get the benefits of notarising your invitation letter, which is as follows. 

The benefits of getting a notarized invitation letter

Here are some of the benefits that a notarized invitation letter will have. 

  • A notarized invitation letter can confirm the identities of both the invitee and the inviter, especially verifying the citizenship status of the inviter. This saves the concerned department from requiring additional verification and saves you a lot of time as well. 
  • Information is routinely used to mislead government officials and immigration authorities. Even done unknowingly, this can seriously affect the issuance process of a visit visa. By notarising the invitation letter, you will have ensured that all information given is truthful. 
  • A notarized invitation letter also minimizes and almost eliminates the risk of fraud in the immigration process since a notary public verifies each aspect of the information thoroughly. 
  • The notarization lends credibility to the letter and the inviter’s intent and casts off any security concerns or other concerns immigration officials may have. 
  • A notarized invitation letter will also show that both the inviter and invitee have been intimated of the process and the potential consequences of faking or forging any information and hold them accountable for the claims made in the letter. 

Importance of notarized invitation letter: the bottom line

An invitation letter is official documentation, meaning it must issue the visit visa. In the case of invitation letters, notarization is not usually required. However, that does not mean that notarising them would be a waste of time. No, especially with services like The Notary Guy, your invitation letter can get you all the above-mentioned benefits and catalyze the process so that whoever you want to invite to Canada and spend a few days with can get in the country without any hassle. 

The Notary Guy: bonafide notarization services

The Notary Guy provides excellent and reliable notarization services for all public and governmental processes. For an invitation letter, The Notary Guy also provides quick service that gets you in and out in no time and helps you get through the process in an expedited manner. Whether it’s just an invitation letter or other official documentation, The Notary Guy can help you with it and more, which includes, 

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  • Affidavits 
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  • Name change applications
  • Common law declarations

And many more. Check out The Notary Guy for more details on our services and how our online notarization process can save you precious time. 

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