For public or governmental work that requires legible and verified documents, you might have seen the requirement for certified true copies of various original documents that either need to be provided or kept in person until a relevant authority asks for them. What are certified true copies? And more importantly, what is the importance of a certified true copy for them to be required in government business? In this blog, we will understand what certified true copies are, what is the importance of certified true copies and how they legitimize the procurement process of documents in any court of government matter. 

Let’s start by quickly looking at what certified true copies are. 

Certified true copies: what are they?

Certified true copies are defined as a ‘certified photocopy of an original document’. These true copies are usually required by a specific authority or government for public use or governmental purposes. Usually, a certified copy comes with a document or a certificate that attests to the originality of the source of the document, i.e. the copy has been made using the original document and is not, in any way, a doctored version of the document. 

However, it is important to note here that the certificate does not imply that the contents of the photocopy are original or not, and it is entirely possible that some or all details might have been forged, doctored or altered. The document or certificate does state that the copy is an ‘accurate representation’ of the source material. 

This is obviously not legitimate enough for government work; however, many countries, including the USA, UK and Canada accept certified copies provided they have a certificate attesting to the veracity of the document and its content, and on the caveat that upon arrival in person, the individual associated with the documents should be carrying them for verification purposes. 

What is the importance of certified true copies?

Certified true copies are important, because they ensure that the person bearing the copies has access to important and vital documents that may be required during governmental or immigration proceedings. These documents may include but are not limited to birth certificates, academic transcripts, business records or even personal documents like identity forms and passports. The reason why certified true copies are mandated during processes like the aforementioned is because the originals may not be put through a potentially risky journey for verification, during which they can be lost, damaged or misplaced. 

Certified true copies are also important because they verify the contents of the documents themselves; for example, a certified true copy for a passport will have all the information verbatim to the actual passport itself. To further confirm that this information is indeed verified and truthful to the knowledge of the parties involved, the certified true copies are required to be signed and attested by a notary public, who then inscribes the documents with ‘Signed and seen the original’, meaning that the notary themselves testifies to the fact that the information on the copies is truthful and is an accurate representation of the original document itself. 

Why is procurement process legitimacy important?

As it can be guessed, fraud and doctored documents are all too common nowadays. Newer and advanced technologies have eased the editing of documents, which can be troublesome for border authorities in weeding out the real cases from the majority of bogus or fake cases that might be using fake documents to pass off as genuine cases. 

In order to ensure that the authorities are aware of the fact that the procurement process for the certified true copies is legitimate and truthful, a notary public is used. As explained beforehand, a notary public will verify the information on the certified true copy and the original document itself. The usual process happens like this: the applicant utilizes the services of a notary public, who will require for the applicant to bring both the original document and the photocopy of it. They will correspond and tally the information on both documents, enquiring about details that the applicant will have to provide. 

Once they are sufficiently convinced that the original document is indeed legitimate and not a fake in any way, they will then attest the true copy, making it a certified true copy. They will also affix it with their seal of veracity and the words ‘Original seen and verified’. This line helps the border authorities know that documents have indeed been verified by a competent and concerned authority and they might be less inclined to ask for other documents or pester the applicant to show their original documents. 

The importance of a notary public 

As it can be understood from the process, the role of a notary public in this specific process is extremely crucial. They are the essential link that verifies the true copy and makes them such that can be used during immigration. Therefore, it is imperative that a notary public be consulted and their services be acquired for these purposes. Otherwise, the process of immigration, or moving to another country for education, business or any other purpose will get rather difficult as immigration officials will have to treat your case with the utmost attention and the assumption that not all details might be available. 

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