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We have serviced over 2,500 delighted customers in Mississauga near Square One. Our rapidly growing team helps with a wide variety of notarial services making the process convenient and hassle-free.

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What can we do for you?

Our services include handling signatures for your real estate transactions and serving witnesses to legal agreements and documents. If you need a notarized copy of an original document and do not have the time to visit our office, you may take advantage of our mobile notary service.

Our mobile notary service is for various reasons, such as inclement weather, saving time, convenience, privacy, mobility concerns, proximity to a notary, or after-hours assistance. Don't worry; we're here to help. Our notary public will come to you if you need a document notarized or commissioned. 

If you're near Square One and need a notary public, you may give us a call and visit our office.

You may have a notary public or commissioner attest to your documents whenever you like. If you need a notary public Mississauga near Square one, you may get one whenever the time is most helpful.

A notary public’s attestation may be required for various official documents, identification cards, letters of commissioning, and other paperwork.

Having a notary public come to your place saves you time and effort. We understand how busy we can sometimes get, and having time to go to a notary service becomes a hassle. 

Our expert notaries allow you to get your documents notarized for real estate transactions, business agreements, subpoenas, power of attorney, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do for people?

If you need a notarized copy of an original document and do not have access to one, you may take advantage of the service provided by a notary public. This service is for persons who need a public notary to witness them signing a legal document.

What or who a public notary is?

A notary public is a person appointed by the Ontario government to act as a notary public in accordance with the Ontario Notaries Act and has been issued a certificate of notarial appointment by the Official Document Services branch of the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

Why do you require a photocopy or scan of my identification?

As a notary public near square one, we are responsible for checking the identification documents our customers provide to me and safely saving their personal information for future use. In addition, we must safely store copies of the record we notarize.

What or who a Commissioner of Oaths is?

A person designated to administer oaths or affirmations is called a Commissioner for Oaths (also known as a Commissioner for accepting Affidavits). The Commissioners for collecting Affidavits Act of Ontario governs their operations. Affidavits (written statements verified by oath/affirmation often prepared for court), statutory declarations (out-of-court official written statement for which the writer affirms to be confirmed), and other government papers may all demand an oath or affirmation.

How can I schedule a visit?

Please visit our Contact page if you'd like to schedule a meeting with a notary public in person in one of our associated offices.

Do you provide any purely mobile service?

Visit the website for our mobile Notary Public Service.

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Great Service, and Reliable. I definitely recommend his services. Thank you again Mr.Furaz!
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G Gill
Excellent experience working with Furaz. Above and beyond service, definitely recommend!
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Veda Tripuraneni
Mr. Furaz has been very patient and friendly. It was our first time experience Notarizing documents and, it was exceptional. We are very satisfied with their service. I would definitely recommend.! ✌🏻
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Taylor Marrelli
10/10 reccomend. Communication was prompt and clear, pricing is affordable and service was pleasant, professional and quick. Excellent business!
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Ramandeep Kour
Service is very quick and charges are also genuine
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zameer mir
Highly recommend The Notary Guy. Professional. Efficient. Cost effective.
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Imdad S
Quick, friendly and no hassle service!
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ketan patel
I contacted The Notary Guy for attestation of my documents. I am really happy with his promptness nd the services provided. I definitely recommend his services. Thanks Furaz for wonderful service.

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