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Visa Invitation Letters

Sometimes, when applying for a travel visa, a Canadian immigration official will require the person traveling into Canada to provide a letter stating information salient to prove the purpose of their trip. 

Notably, this letter must be written by yourself, notarized, and presented to the Canadian Embassy/Consulate in the country of origin. 

Accordingly, simply have the letter drafted and bring it to The Notary Guy, Mississauga’s leading notary public, for notarization.

Do note, Canadian Immigration Officials insist the letter must be drafted by yourself. However, if you need assistance in the notary invitation letter service, The Notary Guy can assist through a licensed immigration consultant for a nominal fee. 

Are you looking for a Notary Public Mississauga to notarize your visa invitation letter? Contact The Notary Guy today to assist with your notary public needs. 

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