Statutory Declarations

Often required for government benefits or insurance claims, statutory declarations are facts you declare to be true. Completed in writing, statutory declarations confirm the identity of the individual making the declaration, and confirm the facts are accurate to the best of the declarant’s knowledge. 

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A Statutory Declaration is a written statement that is made under oath or affirmation, in which a person declares that the information that has been provided is accurate to the best of their knowledge. They are often used to provide evidence for a statement or support a particular claim.

A Statutory Declaration may be needed in Canada for various reasons; it may be required to provide evidence of identity, residence or citizenship and even to support a claim for benefits or entitlements. The Declaration may also be used in legal proceedings or to provide information in support of a request for a visa or other travel documents.

Your Statutory Declaration for Canada should include a clear and concise statement of the facts that you are declaring to be true, and it should also include your full name, address and contact information. It is important to add other relevant information such as the date of declaration and the purpose for which it is being made.

To sign a Statutory Declaration for Canada, you need to first print your name at the end of the declaration and sign your name in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public. These individuals are authorized to administer oaths and affirmations, and their seal on the declaration certifies that the document was made under oath.

It is considered a serious offense to make a false Statutory Declaration in Canada, under the Canada Evidence Act. A person who creates a false declaration or statement can be charged with perjury. If convicted, that person could face up to 14 years in prison. This is why it is important to ensure that the information provided in a Statutory Declaration is truthful and authentic.

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