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RIN Letter

There is a broad range of reasons why businesses need access to automobiles. This creates a legal problem for corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships since they are considered to be “different persons” under the law. A company or corporation can own a car but cannot get a license to legally operate the vehicle.

Ontario addresses this issue by assigning a unique identifier to each company and corporation that owns a vehicle.

The provincial government of Ontario appoints notaries public to perform a range of official duties including that notarized letters for rin, pertaining to law, identity, and verification that are essential to the smooth running of government operations and business dealings.

RIN letter is a comprehensive drafting and notarial service – provided by a law firm – for corporate and business entities intent on owning vehicles for business purposes. 

To find out what is needed to get a RIN at this time, and any detailed instructions for submitting a RIN request letter for notarization, you can click here. 

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Showing your articles of incorporation or other business registration paperwork will be enough to establish your identity and verify that you are an owner allowed to register a car on behalf of your company. 

A notary public or commissioner of oaths-commissioned statutory declaration will also be required. Requesting a RIN number and proving your company’s legal authorization to do so are both required of you in this form. 

How can I know whether I need a RIN letter (sworn statement)?
Vehicle registration in the name of a company in Ontario is presently impossible without a notarized letter, as required by the Ministry of Transportation (via Service Ontario).

If you need to update the address associated with a business vehicle registered under an existing RIN, you may additionally be asked to provide a letter verifying receipt of a RIN.

Process of RIN letter

Here are the 4 steps you need to follow to have your RIN letter ready:

  • Look for your company’s incorporation papers, DBA registration, or master license and combine them.
  • At least two (2) pieces of corporate mail, such as a corporate tax return, utility bill, leasing agreement, insurance policy, etc., with the company’s name and registered address.
  • A formal statement of fact that has been witnessed by a notary public. A statutory declaration requires the notary public to confirm your identification, authenticate the business papers, and attach the official notary seal.
  • Locate the closest Service Ontario office in your area. Find a local resource center by clicking here.

In such a case, it is recommended that you contact Service Ontario directly to see what information they want. They will need essential corporation paperwork to verify the registered business name and location. Before responding to the RIN letter, please review our RIN Letter Guide.

How Notary Guy can help you?

​​Trustworthy and experienced Notaries/Commissioners of Oaths are available to commission/notarize your RIN Request on behalf of your Corporation. Notary Guy will commission and notarize the document for you, but you must prepare it (ideally on corporate letterhead).

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