OSAP Affidavits and Forms

OSAP Affidavits and Forms often require a declaration that certain facts are true (income for a specific time, parental support, spousal support, etc.).

The Ontario Student Assistance Program, or OSAP, offers student loans and scholarships to post-secondary students, and for many, an OSAP loan is critical to completing the academic year.

Tuition, books, student fees, living expenses (for full-time students), and child care can all be covered by OSAP Affidavits and Forms (for students with children).

OSAP is accessible to citizens of Ontario who are enrolled in OSAP-approved schools which are:

  • Citizens of Canada
  • Permanent inhabitants, often known as
  • Protected individuals
  • The amount of OSAP to which you are entitled is determined by:
  • Education costs
  • The course load
  • Personal financial circumstances

Notary Public for OSAP Affidavit

The Notary Guy, Mississauga’s leading notary public, can help you with respect to your OSAP affidavit notary service in two ways:

The Notary Guy can notarize OSAP Affidavits and Forms that you bring in that deal with this subject matter. We can draft a statutory declaration stating the circumstances surrounding your notary public OSAP application for a nominal additional fee. 

Are you seeking a Notary Public Mississauga to notarize or commission your OSAP Affidavit and forms?


An OSAP affidavit is a legal document that may be required for submission by students in Ontario, Canada as a part of their application for financial aid through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). This affidavit may be used to verify certain information, such as income and assets of the individual.

In addition to your OSAP affidavit, you may need to submit a proof of income and assets, proof of enrolment, or a signature page. For more assistance, refer to the OSAP website or contact the Financial Aid office at your school or university.

The requirements for completing an OSAP affidavit include providing personal information (such as name and address), information about income and assets, and any other financial resources you have access to. Usually, at the time of your signature on an OSAP affidavit, a notary public would be required as a witness.

Your signature must be witnessed by either a commissioner of oaths or a Notary Public.

A mistake on your OSAP affidavit would require you to contact the Financial Aid office at your school, as an incorrect affidavit may delay the processing of your application or result in a reduction of your financial aid. For this reason, you should request a corrected version as soon as possible.

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