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Certified True Copy

A birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license are just a few examples of official identification that may be required as part of, or in addition to, an application. A certified copy of the documents or IDs, rather than the originals, would be sent.

Certified true copies are replicas of documents that have been reviewed and certified by a notary public as being accurate representations of the originals.

Who can certify a true copy in Canada?

A licensed and appointed Notary Public can “certify a true copy”. To get a certified true copy of a document or ID notarized, you must take both the original and the copy to a Notary Public. 

The original and copy will be compared in great detail by the notary. After making sure the duplicate is an accurate representation of the original, they will validate and certify it by dating, stamping, and signing it. Before sending a certified copy, however, you should verify the institution’s policy on accepting color copies as further proof of authenticity. Don’t worry if you don’t have a copy of your original document or ID. The Notary Guy can make the copy for you!

More about Certified True Copies:

A certified true copy is typically required to ensure a third party can confidently conclude the article/document before them is a genuine reproduction of the original document.

Certified true copies are often required for critical documents, including, but not limited to, passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, or official academic transcripts, typically in the context of academic, employment, and government applications. 

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Most commonly Certified True Copies or services within this umbrella:

  • Certified True Copy of Degree
  • Certified True Copy of Diploma
  • Certified True Copy of Passport
  • Certified True Copy of License or ID
  • Certified True Copies of Transcripts
  • Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificate
  • Certified Copy of Original Documents
  • Notarized Copy of Documents
  • Certified True Copy of Will
  • Certify copies or Certified Copy

Certified true copies of immigration documents 

Certified true copies of immigration documents in Canada are used to prove the authenticity of immigration documents. They are often required by employers, schools, and immigration officials. 

Certified true copies of legal documents 

Certified true copies of legal documents in Canada are used to establish the authenticity of a document. The purpose of certified true copies is to ensure that the information on your original document is accurate and has not been altered in any way. In addition to this, certified true copies may also be used for other purposes such as when applying for a passport or visa application.

Certified true copies are created by Notaries Public who will make sure that the copy of your original is an exact copy before certifying it as a “true copy.”

Certified true copies of educational documents 

A certified true copy of an educational document is a copy of a document that has been certified by a notary public. This is usually done to verify the authenticity of the original document.

It is required by many Canadian businesses and agencies. If you’re a business or agency in Canada, chances are that your documents will require certified true copies at some point during their lifecycle. The original document must be presented to the Notary Public, who will compare it with the photocopy. The Notary Public confirms and stamps the copy that the copy is an exact copy of the original and signs it for authenticity.

How The Notary Guy can help you?

If you’re ready to get your certified true copy, please contact us. With The Notary Guy, you can notarize documents quickly, easily, and safely. We provide convenient appointment times that can be booked quickly and easily online. 

Should you require a certified true copy also known as a notarized copy of an original document, contact The Notary Guy to help with your Notary Public Mississauga needs. 


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