Automobile Proof of Loss

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An automobile proof of loss insurance form is often required by insurance companies when a claimant has had their vehicle stolen or when an individual is otherwise the subject of an insurance claim.


An Automobile Proof of Loss is a document that a person must submit to an insurance company when making a claim for damages or loss due to a motor vehicle’s accident. This document shows the insurance company what the individual is claiming for (and the extent of) the damages or loss.

This process varies depending on the insurance company you’ve chosen, but often requires the details of the accident, the date and time, and the location (and most importantly the extent of the damages). Further, the insurance policy number, make and model of your vehicle, and the identification number of the vehicle must also be provided.

Any documents that support your claim are necessary, such as photographs of the damages, police reports, repair estimates and other relevant documentation. For most accurate requirements, check with your insurance company for a list of specific documents they may require.

The time frame for filing a Proof of Loss depends on your insurance company, but within a few days to a few weeks is advisable.

If the Automobile Proof of Loss is denied to you, the insurance company provides a reason, and instructions for re-applying in the future. By carefully reviewing the denial letter and checking with your insurance company, you will be able to figure out why the APOL has been denied.

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