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Attestation of documents refers to the act of verifying the authenticity of your documents, thereby attesting to their validity through official certification or a formal declaration. The purpose of attestation is to provide proof of your document’s legitimacy and to ensure that it can be relied upon as evidence in your legal or official matters. 

With our services, you prevent fraud and ensure that your document can be relied upon as evidence in any or all legal proceedings. 

The requirements for all documents may vary depending on the jurisdiction; get in touch with us for a consultation. 


  • Please do not sign or date your affidavit in advance; both must be done in the presence of the notary public. 
  • Please bring along a valid, unexpired, government-issued photo ID.
  • Please note, for an additional fee, The Notary Guy can assist with drafting the contents of your affidavit. Contact us for more information at 647-877-4097.

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Attestation of documents is the process of legally verifying the authenticity of documents, and may include certifying the signature of a person signing the document, confirming the identity of him/her. Attestation of documents may also refer to certifying that a copy (of a document) is an accurate copy of the original (certified true copy).

Legal documents, educational certificates, commercial documents and personal documents can all be attested. Some examples of these would include marriage certificates, birth certificates, degrees, affidavits, declarations, etc.

Documents can be attested by authorized officials or professionals such as notaries public, lawyers, government and embassy officials. The specific requirements (and even the authorized officials for attestation) may vary depending on the type of document and the country in which it is going to be used.

Document attestation is important because it confirms the authenticity of a document, giving it legal weightage. This is crucial when a document is being used for legal or official purposes, such as applying for a visa, opening a bank account or enrolling in a university.

The process for attestation may vary, depending on the type of document and country being used in. You should locate a Notary Public in your area such as The Notary Guy to assist with attesting your documents. Bring the original documents to your Notary Public and they will assist with attesting or notarizing the required documents.

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