Oftentimes, you might have seen a requirement of RIN for governmental purposes, usually relating to vehicles being used for commercial purposes. Today, we will be looking at what is a RIN number?, what it is used for and how you can request or get a RIN number for your commercial vehicle. Discussing RIN numbers, we will also look at the role of a notary public in getting a RIN number. Without any further ado, let’s get started on the basics of a RIN number and then progress onto the other aspects of it. 

What is a RIN number?

A RIN number, or Registrant Identification Number, is a number issued by the Ministry of Transportation to register your motor vehicle against a corporation or business, and allows you to operate said vehicles on the public roads.  It is a nine-digit number that is exclusive to one vehicle and is used to tie it to a business involving the use of said vehicle. As such, fleet cars or official-use vehicles will need to be registered with a RIN number. Once you get the RIN number for your vehicle, you will be able to get a permit and a license plate for the car. 

Why is a RIN number required?

A RIN number might be considered something that is too extra. However, the reasoning behind the issuance of a RIN number for specific vehicles is sound. Let’s look at some reasons as to why a RIN number is required. 

  • The first reason is simple. Every vehicle purchased and registered is tied to a person, an individual who has a valid driving license and an ID. In the case of fleet cars, there is not a single individual that the vehicle can be tied down to. So, to get over this issue, a RIN number is issued to the business that owns these vehicles, which then tie down the vehicle to the business rather than an individual and allows them to be operated by individuals associated with the corporation or business. 
  • For fleet cars or commercial vehicles, the only way to successfully register them and have identification plates issued for them is by having a RIN number issued for said vehicles. 
  • In the case of theft of any commercial or fleet vehicle, since they are not registered to a specific individual, therefore, a RIN number is required to establish proof of identity. 
  • For fleet cars, a single RIN number can be used to register multiple vehicles to a singular business, creating ease for large corporations to manage multiple vehicles that they may have.

Since this is only required for commercial vehicles and vehicles under a business/ corporate use, the RIN number requirement is not mandated for private vehicles. 

How to get a RIN number?

The process of getting a RIN number is simple enough; it just requires a lot of documentation, and the notarization of said documents. Here are the steps that you need to undertake to get a RIN number for any vehicles you might have been using for commercial purposes. 


The first step is to prepare the documentation that will be needed for the process of getting a RIN number. These documents include the registration of your business or corporation, two examples of official mail like utility bills or corporate tax filing and the proof of whether the business has been incorporated in Ontario or in federal territory. Also included in the required documents is the incorporation number, complete legal names of each shareholder in the business (if any) or owners and finally, the official phone number used for said business. 

Statutory declaration

Secondly, a statutory declaration will be required. This is a declaration that will include some information about the business that will have to be signed under a sworn statement. 

Notarizing statutory declaration

The third step involves notarizing the statutory declaration to ensure the veracity of the declaration is verified by a third party, or in this case, a notary public. 

Submission of documents

There are two ways to submit the documents for the successful processing and issuance of the RIN number. Either the complete documentation and the notarized statutory declaration can be submitted to a local service center, who will then process and issue the RIN number. Or, alternatively, you can also submit all of these to your car dealership, who will then handle the process on your behalf. 

Why is notarization important for RIN numbers?

In this entire process, the notarized statutory declaration is important, as it is considered the key document that will ensure the process of issuing you a RIN number starts and concludes with you getting the RIN number. The notarization will ensure that any or all documentation and information that you have provided in the documents and throughout the process is true. The notary public, in this case, will verify your identity, the business documents and their veracity and will then affix a notary seal on your declaration, indicating that the information and the documents have been verified, and can now be used in the governmental process of issuing a RIN number. 

Once you have all that, you will be issued a RIN number, which can then be used for any commercial vehicle or any vehicle that might be in the use of your business. 

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