For your documents to be acceptable for legal or public proceedings, like governmental processes, they need to be verified and authenticated for their veracity and originality. Since there is a lot of forgery and fake documents that may undermine the integrity of these processes, you need someone who can not only authorize and verify these documents but will also be able to somehow convey this to the court or the concerned government department. Luckily, notaries exist, and they can provide you with notary attestation that can ensure the legitimacy of your documents, especially in Ontario, Canada. 

Today, we will be looking at how you can ensure the legitimacy of your documents with notary attestation and what the process of notarization entails. But first, let us look at what notary attestation is and what it means. 

Notary attestation: what is it?

With governmental and court proceedings, the legitimacy of your documents or any paperwork involved is absolutely crucial. This is because forgery and fake documents have gotten sophisticated at this point, and if these documents somehow make it into the fray, it would disrupt proceedings at all levels. This is why you need a way to certify, verify, and authenticate these documents to ensure that no misleading action is being undertaken. This is where notary attestation comes in. 

Notary attestation is verifying and authenticating a document via a notary public commissioned by the local government to verify and authenticate documents for use in governmental and judicial proceedings. Since the government cannot be realistically expected to do all of it by itself, verifying documents is then devolved to such notaries to ensure the legality and legibility of these documents throughout the process. 

Now, let’s look at why notary attestation is important and what advantages you will get if you get your documents notarized. 

Notary attestation: why should you get it done?

With notary attestation, you get a whole range of benefits and advantages, which will ensure that your process, regardless of whether it is a governmental process or a judicial process, goes without a hitch. Let’s get into the benefits and advantages of notary attestation. 

Ensuring legitimacy of documents

As stated beforehand, one of the major concerns for governments worldwide is the use of fake or fraudulent documents, which may undermine the legitimacy of the process and could open the government to potential lawsuits. To avoid this, the best way to legitimize your documents to be acceptable for government and court usage is to notarise them. Even if the documents aren’t supposed to be submitted to the local government and are intended for foreign governments, for example, the purpose of immigration, the documents need to be verified by a notary public. The notary’s seal or signature that is affixed to the document will prove to the officials that the document is indeed legible and authentic and has not been meddled with to defraud the government. 

Verifying the authenticity

Even if your documents are authentic, the government should not know that. Again, document forging has come a long way, and verifying that the document is authentic and belongs to the bearer is necessary. For this verification, the seal or signature of a notary public is crucial; since the government authorizes them to verify and authenticate documents on their behalf, a notary public will ensure that the documents are indeed authentic by asking for proof supporting the document’s integrity. They might ask to see your identification papers, driver’s license, passport or any other document that supports and verifies your identity and, by extension, the document. Once they have sufficient proof of identity, they will affix your document with the seal, allowing you to use it in any legal or official proceeding. 

Improving the acceptability, validity of documents abroad

In cases of going abroad for studies, traveling for leisure, or even immigrating to another country, your documents are the main paperwork that establishes and proves your identity. However, it is all too common to forge them or run any other disingenuous activity aimed at emigrating to another country without providing all the required documents. In this case, by notarising and attesting your documents, you will improve their acceptability. You will not have to go through the usual scrutiny process that immigration departments usually have for people. By notarising these documents, you will have given them an added aspect of legality and validity. Once border officials or customs and immigration officials view them, they will have less to worry about in terms of looking for signs of fraudulent activity or forgery. 

Helps combat fraud, other illegal activities

As emphasized beforehand, there is a lot of forgery in the world. Around the world, many people fall victim to illegal activities like identity theft and other crimes supported by fraudulent documents. Governments worldwide combat this by requiring additional verification options, oftentimes official, that confirm the integrity of the documents being used. Notarisation is one such process that helps governments combat fraud and other illegal activities that undermine the legal processes and put other people who might be using perfectly legal and valid documents for their cases at risk. By notarising your documents, you will help combat fraud and other illegal activities. You will help the government curb using illegal documents or fake documentation to pursue otherwise legal ventures. 

The bottom line

To ensure the legitimacy of your documents and to verify them, Ontario requires the stamp affixed to any notary public who has sufficiently verified the authenticity of the documents and of the person bearing them. Notary attestation is required for governmental and legal proceedings across Canada since they show the relevant authorities that the document is legible, authentic, and verified. This helps speed up the otherwise cumbersome process of government. If you have previously gotten your documents attested by a notary public, you will experience how much it positively affects your speed and processing in governmental affairs. 

Notary Attestation

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