These days, the ease of notarizing your documents online has become a game-changer, saving your time and overhead costs. Whether you have recently relocated or need a last-minute notarized document, online notarization simplifies the process and allows access to notarized documents regardless of where you are. But how does the process work in Hamilton? Read below as we walk you through the online notarization process in Hamilton. 

Online Notarization in Hamilton: A Convenient Step-by-Step Guide

Online notarization, also known as remote notarization, is the process of notarizing your documents via the Internet. Instead of going to a notary public in your area and standing in queues, you book an online appointment and get online notary services. 

Here are some of the things you need for online notarization:

  • Your proof of identity (ID or driver’s license)
  • Access to internet
  • Access to a smartphone or computer
  • The documents that you need to notarize

The Steps:

Choose a notary public:

First things first. You must choose a notary public in Hamilton that is known for its services and offers secure online notarization. Several notary publics, including The Notary Guy, are not only knowledgeable but also offer the best rates for online notarization services. 

When choosing a company, please consider reviews, testimonials, security measures, rates, and customer support. 


Once you have found the right notary public, contact them and book an online appointment. Depending on your preferences, you may select a desired date and time. Gather all the documents that need to be notarized. It is also better to have digital copies of your papers since some notaries require uploading them to the platform. 


The online notarization process works by first confirming the signer’s identity. The notary public usually requests a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued identification to ensure your identity. You must upload and validate your ID using the notarization’s digital platform.

Some notary publics may also use additional security measures, like biometric verification, to enhance the security of the whole process. 


Next, the notary public will watch as you digitally sign the papers. This process occurs on a strict, secure platform, so there is no information breach. The notary will affix their official seal and electronic signature to complete the notarization. 

Store your online notarized documents:

Once the online notarization process is complete, you will be given a digital copy of your notarized documents. You can save the documents online, print them, or do both. 

Always keep an extra copy of the notarized paperwork and any relevant records. These may be required for documentation or future reference.

Benefits of Choosing Online Notarization in Hamilton:

Some of the benefits of online notarization in Hamilton include;


Unlike traditional notarization, which requires a few hours, online notarization takes hardly 15-20 minutes. Thus, you don’t need to compromise on your busy schedule or take time out for the lengthy process of traditional notarization. 


The best part about online notarization is that you don’t have to visit the notary public during your busy schedule physically; instead, you can notarize your documents while sitting at home or in your office.


What is better than notarizing documents through a safe platform without rushing to the physical office? The process of online notarization is as safe as the traditional one since reputable companies use secure technology to safeguard your information.


Online notarization provides unmatched convenience for people who are not physically able to visit the notary. This process makes it easier to notarize documents regardless of geographical constraints.

Lesser chances of fraud:

Online notarization uses exceptional multi-factor authentication, security protocols, and other seals to deter fraud and prevent any chances of fraud. This benefit of online notarization means that your online notarization is legit, and your personal documents shared with the notary public have been kept safely, reducing the risk of overall fraudulent activities. 

Make Notarization Seamless and Stress-Free. Contact The Notary Guy for Unmatched Online Notarization in Hamilton

Online notarization, a new norm taking the digital world by storm, is transforming the traditional notarization process. From the comfort of your home or office, you can get a convenient, safe, and effective way to bind your documents legally. There is no need to wait in lines; all you have to do is book an online notary service and get your notarized documents from anywhere, anytime. 

At The Notary Guy, one of the leading notary publics in Hamilton, you can quickly notarize your documents through an intuitive interface and secured platform. Whether you want to notarize your professional documents or manage multiple notarizations, The Notary Guy is a trusted partner in the digital world that prioritizes your security and convenience, offering you the best rates for online notary services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is online notarization acceptable in Hamilton?

Yes, online notarization in Hamilton, Ontario, is legal and acceptable. It is used for statutory declarations and affidavits. 

  1. How do I choose the correct notary public?

Among numerous options, finding a reputable notary public in Hamilton can be daunting. However, with careful research, online reviews, and recommendations, you can confidently find a reputable notary public like The Notary Guy.

  1. How much does an online notarization cost?

Online notarization in Hamilton, on average, costs around $45 to 50 + tax. For the right idea about the average rates, please search your vicinity and ask for online notarization rates. Doing so gives you an idea about the average rates and saves you from overspending on online notarization.

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