When filling out the form and completing your documents for visiting another country or during the process of emigration, one of the most requested documents is the certified true copy of the passport. Given that this information is only privy to those who have emigrated or have traveled abroad recently and the larger public is still in the dark about exactly what documents are required for emigration purposes, in this blog, we will discuss how to get certified true copies of your passport, and how these certified true copies can work wonders when a notary public notarizes them. 

certified true copies

However, before we get into the process of getting certified true copies of your passport, we must first understand what a certified true copy exactly is and what purpose it has when asked for by governmental departments. 

What is a certified true copy of a document?

Certified true copies are also known as notarized copies, and are usually required by specific organizations such as banks or government offices when processing applications or verifying your identity documents. A certified copy comes stamped and sealed by a notary public attesting to the originality of the source document, i.e., the copy has been made using the original document and is not, in any way, a doctored version of the document. 

Now that we have explained in simple terms what a certified true copy is, let’s look at how to get certified true copies of your passport. 

How to get certified true copies of your passport?

It’s really easy to get a certified true copy of your passport. Simply follow these steps: 

  1. Bring in your original passport and a photocopy of same to your Notary Public;
  2. The Notary Public will compare the original to the photocopy to ensure nothing has been altered. In some cases, the notary will prefer to make their own copy to ensure it is indeed a proper and true copy of the original.
  3. The Notary Public will put their “Certified True Copy” stamp on the photocopy, sign it, and put an embossed seal on it, to complete the process.

Notarising the certified true copies of your passport

Once you have your passport and its photocopies, it’s time to give them the seal of authenticity and legitimacy that will make it acceptable for the institution that you are submitting it to. Take your passport and the photocopies to any notary public and show them the passport and the documents. After visual verification, they will attest the true copies with their seal and stamp, followed by a signature and the statement to the effect of ‘Original seen and verified’ or “Certified True Copy.” This lets the concerned authority know that not only is the document sealed and verified, but the original has been vetted by a competent authority (Notary Public), which the provincial government has empowered to perform such functions. 

Now, the question might be whether notarizing the true copies is necessary. Let us explain this. 

Why is notarization necessary for certified true copies of the passport?

Notarization is primarily required by governmental institutes and emigration officials to ensure that the document in question is legitimate and truthfully displays all the information relevant to the holder. In many cases, fraud, forgery, and doctored documents make it to other countries, which poses serious problems and puts people at risk. To ensure that not only is the document verifiable and legitimate but also to positively ascertain the identity of the individual bearing the documents, notary publics verify all the information presented to them and affix the document with both their signature and their seal, conveying the veracity of the documents to the concerned authority. 


So, while the process of getting a certified true copy of the passport is simple enough, the notarization part is crucial and must be done diligently to avoid issues when the time comes. Remember that it is only with a notary public’s signature and stamp that government departments and institutions will trust that the copy submitted is indeed a true copy and not forged. 

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