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In order to finalize a deal and release cash, banks may often need an Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Certificate. To prove that a party has met with and received legal advice from an independent lawyer before entering into an agreement or transaction, which party will be awarded a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice (ILA). The same lawyer should only represent some parties to a transaction or agreement.

To put it another way, if a party has an ILA Certificate, it signifies that they voluntarily entered into a transaction or arrangement without being pressured or bullied. In order to prevent a party from claiming ignorance of the law or lack of understanding of the ramifications of a document, later on, an ILA certificate must be signed.

Before issuing an ILA certificate, a lawyer will meet with their client to go over the finer points of the agreement or transaction at hand, as well as to make sure their client understands the legalese used in the contract and the risks they are taking on by entering into it.

Bank Forms Notary Public:

We provide expert services that include issuing ILA certifications. Many legal and financial situations, including property sales and purchases, mortgage refinancing, loan agreements, and even certain domestic relations cases, need such a certificate. If you need an ILA certificate quickly, please contact us. Time slots on the same day are available.


A bank form declaration is a statement made by an individual on a bank form that confirms that the information provided is true and accurate, and it is used to verify the authenticity of the information provided on the form.

Many types of bank forms require declarations such as account opening forms, loan applications and wire transfer forms.

Before making a declaration on a bank form, you need to read the declaration statement and sign the form in the presence of a bank representative or a notary public. Some bank forms also require you to provide your identification and date on the declaration.

Making a false declaration on a bank form is a serious offense and may result in penalties such as fines or imprisonment. It can result in the cancellation of the transaction, account or loan and may also be reported to regulatory authorities.

The bank form declaration, if made a mistake on, should be corrected immediately. Contacting the bank and informing them of the error is advisable, so it is important to correct any errors as soon as possible to avoid any delays or penalties.

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