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Notary services available when convenient for you.

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Your papers can be notarized or commissioned at any time of day, evening, or weekend. Make an appointment for mississauga notary services at a time that is convenient for you. Make an appointment with The Notary Guy now!

You'll need to get a paper notarized at some time. A certified genuine copy of a document or ID, an invitation letter to be commissioned, or any other papers signed in front of a Mississauga notary Public may be required. That's when you should get in touch with The Notary Guy. You have the option of walk in notary Mississauga, driving through, or having The Notary Guy come out to you to notarize your document.

Having documents notarized assures others that the individual who signed the document did so. When contracts are commonly entered into between parties thousands of kilometers away in the modern period, notaries provide a helpful service by reducing some of the risk involved with such distantly performed agreements. In essence, it makes it more difficult for a contracting party to later claim that she or he did not sign the document. A Mississauga notary can also prepare contracts, promissory notes, wills, mortgages, and other legal documents in some countries. 

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You can count on us to get your documents notarized or commissioned.

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Great Service, and Reliable. I definitely recommend his services. Thank you again Mr.Furaz!
G Gill
G Gill
Excellent experience working with Furaz. Above and beyond service, definitely recommend!
Veda Tripuraneni
Veda Tripuraneni
Mr. Furaz has been very patient and friendly. It was our first time experience Notarizing documents and, it was exceptional. We are very satisfied with their service. I would definitely recommend.! ✌🏻
Taylor Marrelli
Taylor Marrelli
10/10 reccomend. Communication was prompt and clear, pricing is affordable and service was pleasant, professional and quick. Excellent business!
Ramandeep Kour
Ramandeep Kour
Service is very quick and charges are also genuine
zameer mir
zameer mir
Highly recommend The Notary Guy. Professional. Efficient. Cost effective.
Imdad S
Imdad S
Quick, friendly and no hassle service!
ketan patel
ketan patel
I contacted The Notary Guy for attestation of my documents. I am really happy with his promptness nd the services provided. I definitely recommend his services. Thanks Furaz for wonderful service.
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WE'RE HERE TO MAKE IT EASY IF YOU NEED DOCUMENTS NOTARIZED. The Notary Guy is an executive walk-in notary in Mississauga that provides legal notary services and the highest-rated Mississauga Notary Public and Commissioner of Oaths services. Since our inception, our quickly expanding staff has served over 2,500 clients across Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

Our dedication to quality service has propelled us to our status as a leading provider of fast, friendly, convenient, and inexpensive walk-in notary services in Mississauga. We are making the notary public experience easier than ever before by utilizing cutting-edge technology, software, and processes. We offer 5-star rated professional notaries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for notarizing my document?

Your document is signed and sealed by a Mississauga notary. A separate certificate might also be prepared by the notary (sign it and attach it to your document). The notary must conduct the following when you sign your document:

  • Have a valid appointment certificate
  • Ink their signature by hand
  • Stamp or seal their whole name as it appears on their appointment certificate, as well as the Canadian province or territory in which they have been appointed
  •  Specify the act they committed (e.g. certifying a true copy)
  • Provide the date they notarized the document
  • State when their position as a notary will expire (if applicable)
What authority does my notary have?

The notary may, for example, while signing your document, receive a statement or affidavit to verify that a document is a faithful duplicate of the original.

Who is eligible to notarize my document?

Your document can be notarized by any Mississauga notary whose signature is recognized by Government of Canada. A specimen signature might be provided by the Mississauga notary.

Where can I find a walk in notary public Mississauga?

Look up "Walk in notary public Mississauga" on the internet. The laws that regulate Mississauga notary differ across provinces and territories. The notary will explain what they can do to notarize your paper.